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Nolan Montgomery (they/he) is a bi-coastal actor from Santa Barbara, California.

In only three years, Nolan graduated from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music summa cum laude with a BFA in Musical Theater.


Since graduating, Nolan, who is currently unrepresented, has been working professionally across the country; developing new works and performing in musicals at Tony Award-winning regional theaters.


Nolan’s artistry continues to evolve as they are deeply inspired by the emerging generation of artists and activists. 


Nolan’s artistic passions extend to songwriting and photography (with a sprinkle of voice-over work as well).


In their free time, Nolan loves to swim, be in nature, road trip, and play guitar. 

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Nolan Montgomery, Headshot 2024.JPG



“Nolan Montgomery as Jonathan/Margaret Mead was a joy, bringing absurd yet kindly old lady and lover hippie to life with vivacity.”

- DMV Theatre Review

“In a hysterical performance as the excitedly befuddled Margaret Mead, Nolan Montgomery developed an incredibly comic physical character. The rigidly flamboyant wiggles and pitter-patter footsteps had me cackling.”

- UnProfessional Opinion

“Nolan Montgomery is earnest, ditzy and hilarious as Margaret Mead singing 'My Conviction.' It is a fun and memorable scene.”

- BroadwayWorld 



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